Diocese of San Carlos

Friday, May 15, 2009

Decree of Convocation

First diocesan
of the
Diocese of San Carlos Borromeo
*January 7-March 13, 2008
*San Carlos City, Negros Occ.

The Shepherd calls

Bishop Jose F. Advincula, Jr.
Local Ordinary
Diocese of San Carlos Borromeo

The flock answers


Almost twenty years have passed since the establishment on February 10, 1988 of this particular church, the Diocese of San Carlos, setting it apart from its two mother dioceses -- Bacolod and Dumaguete.

More than six years ago, particularly on September 11, 2001, I was installed bishop of this Diocese. Since then, I had conducted pastoral visits at least twice in all the parishes within this ecclesiastical jurisdiction. In those visits, I talked with the priests and the lay people, especially our church leaders, and listened to their aspirations and fears, their joys and pains. I saw the urgency to revisit our life and faith as a portion of God’s people and the prudence to consult for a more relevant and effective exercise of my office as shepherd.

Therefore, following the norms of Canon law, after deep consideration and having consulted the Presbyteral Council of this Diocese and after having made preparations for its celebration since its solemn launching on June 4, 2005, Solemnity of the Pentecost, I hereby convoke the First Synod of this Diocese of San Carlos. All of those called to this Synod – clerics, religious, and laity -- will be consulted and asked to give their opinions, so that all the needs of our Diocese of San Carlos, may be answered and any pitfalls avoided.

All of those mentioned in Canon 463, par. 1, are automatically members of the Synod and are obliged to participate in it. As for those mentioned in Canon 463 par. 1, no. 5, I have determined that every parish, quasi-parish, chaplaincy and mission station will have one lay delegate whom I will summon after his or her pastor has presented his or her name, and institutes of consecrated life will have some representatives whom I will chooose and summon.

As to Canon 463, par. 1, no. 8, the vicar forane of each vicariate will receive particular instruction.

I reserve the right to call other clerics, members of institutes of consecrated life and lay people, besides those named or chosen as above to attend this synod, as in Canon 463, par. 2.

If I judge it to be opportune, I shall also invite as observers some ministers of ecclesiastical communities which are not in full communion with the Catholic Church as allowed by Canon 463, par. 3.

All delegates and observers will receive a separate letter of invitation signed by myself. This letter will be required for entry into the Synod chamber, which will be at the Benedictus Center in the Bishop’s Home Compound, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.

The solemn opening of this synod will be on January 8, 2008 with a concelebrated Eucharist in the Cathedral of St. Charles Borromeo, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental at 10 o’clock in the morning. It will then meet on January 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 29, 30, 31, February 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 26, 27, 28 and March 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 and conclude with a thanksgiving Eucharist on March 13 at the same aforementioned Cathedral, during which I shall impart the apostolic blessing to all present.

Given at San Carlos City, Negros Occidental on this 30th day of December 2007, under the seal of the said Diocese of San Carlos.

To this end, I direct that one of the General Intercessions of every Sunday Eucharistic Liturgy in each parish, quasi-parish, chaplaincy, mission station, oratory and chapel in this Diocese be said for this intention, beginning with January 6, 2008. Pastors of souls are also to urge their people to pray fervently that all those who shall take part in the synod will be filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding, so as to contribute to the Synod in ways that will be beneficial to the Diocese of San Carlos, as a whole.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


1. Parish Mini-Synod & Resolutions
Jan.-Nov. 2007
Parish Priests

2. Parish Mini-Synod Culmination
Sept. – Nov. 2007
Parish Priests

3. Survey Result Reporting
November 2007
SAC Personnel

4. Parish Profile
Oct. – Nov. 2007
Parish Priests

5. Meetings of Diocesan Commissions & Programs
Sept. – Oct. 2007
Diocesan Commissioners & Program Coordinators/ In Charge
Education Committee & Organizing Committee had their meetings

6. Presbyteral Council Meetings for Synod Proper Celebration
Oct.-Nov. 2007
Bishop Joe

7. Formation of Synod Proper Committees & Committee Meetings
Oct. – Nov. 2007
Bishop Joe

8. Drafting of Norms & Guidelines for WESTOY
Sept. – Oct. 2007
Diocesan WESTOY Commissioners
Education & Organizing Committees had their Norms & Guidelines

9. Drafting of Norms & Guidelines for Diocesan Programs & Institutions
Sept. – Oct. 2007
Program Coordinators / In Charge, SAD, Seminary Rector, Sch. Presidents

10. Drafting of Norms & Guidelines for Lay Organizations, Movements, Groups
October 2007
C/o. Priests-in-charge

11. Drafting of the New Vision Mission & Thrust of the Diocese of San Carlos
Sept. 2007
Bp. Joe & Diocesan Consultors
The New Vision Mission & Thrust is done
12. Drafting of New Diocesan Administration Norms & Guidelines
Sept. 2007
Bp. Joe, Bp. Nicolas, Bp. Salvador

13. History of the Diocese of San Carlos
Oct. 2007
Rev. Fr. Lito
Diocesan Chancery

14. Diocesan Profile
Nov. 2007
RDP Committee

15. Drawing of New Diocesan Organizational Structure
Oct. 2007
Bp. Joe

16. Drafting of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan
Oct.- Nov. 2007
Bp. Joe & Diocesan Presbyteral Council

17. Diocesan Guidelines for Pastoral Assignment & Reshuffling
Oct. 2007
Bp. Joe & Consultors

18. Collation & Finalization of Synod Resolutions & Recommendations
Nov. 2007
Rev. Fr. Lito &
RDP Committee

19. Drafting of Acts & Decrees of the Diocese
Nov. 2007
Diocesan Presbyteral Council
& Topical Committee (C/o. Rev. Fr. Titus)

20. Synod Kit : Documents, ID, etc.
Oct. – Nov. 2007
Marilen Layumas & RDP Committee

21. Synod Kit:
Liturgical Materials
Nov. 2007
Rev. Fr. Jojo & Rev. Fr. Ranie

22. Synod Kit:
Group Dynamics Materials
Nov. 2007
Sr. Alma , Catechists & Youth Commission

23. Synod Delegates Profile
Oct. 2007
Parish Priests & RDP Committee

24. Synod Summons
Nov. 2007
Bp. Joe

25. Synod Statements
Oct. – Nov. 2007
Diocesan Chancery & RDP Committee

26. Welcome Streamers & Posters on Synod Proper; Press Releases for the Printed and Broadcast Media (Radio & T.V.)
Nov. 2007
Rev. Msgr. Dodo, Mass Media Committee, Service Commission & Rev. Fr. Johnny

27. Arrangement for Transport & Accommodation of Synod Delegates & Guests
Nov. – Dec. 2007
Organizing Committee

28. Information and Formation Drive on the Synod
Nov. – Dec. 2007
Parish Priests, Education Commission/ Committee, Catechists, Youth Committees

29. Pool of Secretaries, Technical Personnel, & Volunteers
Dec. 2007 – Mar. 2008
Rev. Fr. Lito

30. Accommodation of Synod Delegates & Guests
Jan. – Feb. 2008
Rev. Msgr. Flor, Organizing Commission & San Carlos Organizing Committee

31. Synod Proper Opening
Jan 8, 2008
Bishop Joe

32. Synod Proper Facilitation
Jan 8 – Feb 2008
Fr. Paul & Diocesan Synod Team

33. Synod Proper Proceedings
Jan. 8 – Feb. 2008
Rev. Fr. Lito & RDP

34. Post Synod Information & Formation Drive
Mar. – May 2008
Education Commission, Catechists, Parish Priests

35. Norms & Guidelines for Synod Implementation
Mar. 2008
Bishop Joe & the Diocesan Presbyteral Council

36. Synod Implementation
Mar. 2008 –June 2013
Parish priest, Diocesan Commissioners, Diocesan Programs & Institutions in charge

37. Synod Implementation Guidance & Monitoring
Mar. 2008 – June 2013
Diocesan Presbyteral Council

38. Synod Document Submission to Rome
April 2008
Bishop Joe & RDP Committee

39. Finalization of Synod Document
May-June, 2008
Bishop Joe, the Diocesan Chancellor & Editors’ Committee

40. Synod Document Publication & Distribution
July 2008
RDP Committee

41. Synod Proper Evaluation & Assessment
Mar. 2008
Bishop Joe & the Presbyteral Council

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Parish Profile Format


TITULAR: __________________________________
TEL. _________________________________

HISTORY (How it started, The first parish priest, others

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Resolutions for the Synod



· That who would be the lay lectors & commentators must undergo such kind of training & seminars with special focus on their duites & responsibilities.
· resolved that Lay Lectors, Commentators should be recommended by the PPC, religious organization officers , area officers; under go screening, take seminars and training, accept and approve by parish priest/ PPC to make sure on their integrity, commitments and transparency. Resolved further that Diocese should have a unified guidelines /manual for the lectors and commentators to be implemented by the PPC. Resolution No. _______.
· Resolve as it is hereby resolved, that
· Resolve to require all GKKs to have their own lectors & commentators.
· The lectors, commentators and choir must undergo proper training so that they will easily deliver readings and be understood by the parishioners.
· Continuous monthly in-service training must be given to the lay ministers.
· The Education Committee must educate the people in every chapel through the catechist.
· Continuous religious learning must be given in the community.
· We ask our good bishop that the said resolutions will be fully implemented in the entire Diocese of San Carlos.
· Request that the diocese to create modules for the on going formation and training for lectors and commentators.

Lineamenta on the Ministry of servers: THE MINISTRY OF SERVERS & CHILDREN MINISTRY

· That the parents should motivate & encourage the children to become an altar servers & the parish should train & give seminars to the future acolytes.

Lineamenta on Social Services & people's organizations: SOCIAL SERVICES & PEOPLE'S ORGANIZATIONS

· be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that to effectively respond to the existing economic , political, ecological and cultural problems of our society the synod delegates recommended the following appropriate steps:

· that the commission on service should provide list of programs & projects of the diocese that could be of used or availed by the parishioners.

· Economic aspect – the church because of her vast influence among the faithful, both rich and poor

· to have all Parish Pastoral Councils in the Diocese prepare and implement a comprehensive long term development plan to be made as master plan in the implementation of all services of the church for the poor;

· should initiate with linkages with both GO’s and NGO’s - the creation of job opportunities with the end in view- the upliftment of the quality of life of the target clientele – the poor.

· livelihood and other income-generating opportunities should be made available/ accessible to the needy and less fortunate.

· the parish should initiate the organization of multi-purpose cooperatives in order to enhance economic productivity, improve one’s quality of life and to emancipate those who suffer from the bondage of usury.

Lineamenta on Social Services & people's organizations: SOCIAL SERVICES & PEOPLE'S ORGANIZATIONS

· Political aspect – in order to inculcate in the psyche of the parishioners the importance of politics as the science of good governance and that politics is the highest form of apostolate one can render to his church, it is imperative that the church should take appropriate steps to educate the faithful along these lines.

· Cultural aspect- there is a need for a radical transformation from undesirable traits and negative cultural values while preserving and practicing the desirable ones. The latter should be strongly encouraged.

· Ecological aspect - That the faithful should recognize that earth’s environment has to be nurtured and cared for. Its destruction not only spells the end of the support system of life but also betrays our stewardship of God’s creation.

· RESOLVED THAT, the parish service committee chairperson will suggest to all service committee chairperson in the GKK level, to organize themselves into a particular group.

· to conduct survey or have home visitation wherein we can talk & listen to their concern & life situation.

· to create a diocesan hot line telephone number for the depressed, victims of social injustices & women who are suffering from unwanted pregnancies for spiritual counseling purposes.

· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that the parish should have a livelihood program to answer the financial needs of the GKK.

· to call the Bishop for the creation of a Diocesan Federation of Cooperatives to serve as conduit between the Parish cooperative and the various financial institutions in order to gain access to capital and grants for income generating projects.

· we ask our good bishop that the said resolutions will be fully implemented in the entire Diocese of San Carlos.
· RESOLVED, that catechist should be given full support from our parish in whatever needs they will be needing so they be encourage in continuing their mission.

· requesting the diocesan synod team to request the diocese to rpovide instructional materials to the catechists in school.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, that education committee chairman should inform all organized chapel leaders to oversee all the needs of their catechist.
· that the parish should extend a financial support for the training of the catechists & for their allowance.
· resolved that a week-end catechism instructions be condonducted in every BEC's to supplement catechism in school.
· by the committee on temporalities to find some means to help the catechists to sustain their peogram & apostolate.

· it was resolved to approved the above stated resolution. (Resolution No. 24)

· it is hereby resolved that a formation program shall be developed &made available to the diocese. In this regard Lay Formation centers must be established.

· RESOLVED, that every parents in our parish should be educated for them to know their responsibilities of being a baptized Christian.

· RESOLVED FURTHER, to require them to attend enrichment and basic orientation as to the level of their knowledge.

· resolved that the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel give priority consideration to the above-recommendations & bring it to our Leadership concerned for implementation down to GKK level.

· that our christian leaders learn hot to humble themselves and lead or teach by example as Jesus did.

· resolved that on going seminar on catechetics for catechists be provided by the Diocesan Commission on Catechetics.

Lineamenta on service: SERVING THE PEOPLE OF GOD

· be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that in order to effectively implement the programs of these commissions the boy recommends the following:
· Ang simbahan adunay incharge pagpahibalo sa katawhan kabahin sa programa sa social action ug sa diocesan service commission.
· Ang simbahan mangita ug laing programa nga makatubag sa atong katilingbanong problema.
· that the faithful should be made aware that there exists a diocesan social action and service commission designed for the temporal and spiritual upliftment of the people in order for them to get involved and solicit their support.
· To effectively implement, we must improve existing systems by adequate funding, proper training and continuous implementation for the needed physical effects and internal effects of spirituality (liberating of bondage and consciousness)
· That the parish/diocese will provide a catholic learning center for indigent, pre-school children with feeding program, to be managed by professionalized religious teachers and to be funded by both local and foreign benefactors and NGOs grants and donations.
· That the diocese should strictly implement the recommendations of PCP II especially on social action apostolate, Sec. 3 art. 25, p.3 which provides among others that the diocese and parishes must set aside a collection for fund specifically for the poor and the needy to be disposed of without red-tape.
· Tungod kay nakita nga dili kaayo aktibo ang pag-implementar sa mga kalihokan ug programa sa social action sa atong diocese.
· Among nakita nga ang social action ug service commission sa diocese wala maghimo ug massive information drive bahin sa ilang programa ug kalihukan diri sa diocese.
· Resolved further, that as alternative means of responding to our societal problems aside form that of the social action and service commission of the diocese, surveys on illiterates should be conducted in baranggays and puroks through GKK’s and to conduct non-formal classes to attack problems of illiteracy before conducting livelihood programs with linkage with the Department of Education.
· That GKKs and Ros presidents and WESTOY chairpersons should set a meeting with the community once a month in order that all may know the programs and activities of social action and service commission to be implemented.
· That the diocese should encourage the parishes to utilize the services of the GKKs and BECs to find means and ways to procure income to sustain their economic needs.
· That the church must give education and guide the laity to become more responsible in choosing the candidates.
· That we can effectively respond by focusing on the shortcomings of existing programs and find solutions for adequate funding, proper training and continues implementation of projects.
· Nga nakita sa simbahan nga ang kultura ekonomikanhon, sosyal nga kahimtang misamot na hinuon sa tumang kalisod.
· Nga nakita sa simbahan nga ang kasulbaran niing mga problemaha mao ang paghimo ug aktibong partisipasyon sa politikanhong kalihukan aron sa paghatag ug kasulbaran niing tanan.
· That the diocese will conduct facilitators training for political, economic and social issues who will re-echo to the rural and urban areas.
· That the diocese activities should be well funded to influence mass media and television.
· That the church headed by priest and religious laity must be vigilant and active in fighting against graft and corruption and to strengthen the PPCRB to prevent election fraud.
· That the parish will support and create a potent group of unquestionable personalities that will represent in any undertaking that affect the marginalized group; each religious organization has have equal representation in economic, political and cultural programs.
· To request the Bishop of the diocese to spearhead to create special body to find ways and means to formulate specific guidelines of the policies and programs to be considered.
· Pagdasig ug pagpakabana sa usag-usa nga kita maningkamot pagpangita ug kooperatiba nga makatabang nato pagshare sa sobra nga grasya ngadto sa nagkinahanglan.
· Pagpahigmata sa katawhan nga gamiton ang ilang katungod sa pagpili
· Ang pagkuntento sa atoang kahimtang kay sa pagpangandoy ug tag-as nga mawala ang dignidad; nga ma maintain ang Pilipinhong kultura.
· it is hereby resolved that the social, economic & political problem of the poor will be given concern & priority in a way that will abide with the social teaching of the church.

· ang social action ug service committee office adunay mga programa sa kaayuhan alang sa katawhan nga wala kaayo masabti sa katawhan. Kinahanglan nga ipasabot kini aron matabangan pagpakayl;ap diha sa parokjya ug magamit alang sa kabulahanan sa tanan ug sa kalambuan sa simbahan.

· resovled to continue implementation of SAC program in the diocese related to service, alay kapwa, socio economic project, ensuring that unity prevails in all levels.

· RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to pass a resolution requesting the Church to formulate programs and projects for the socio-economic development of the people particularly the poor.

Lineamenta on Temporalities: THE CHURCH THAT CARES

· resolve as it is hereby resolved that:
· requesting the diocese & the parish to create an accounting & auditing committee to check the transparency of funds & projects of the parish & of the diocese.
· To strengthen and improve the parish tithing system for the benefits of the Parish Priest and the parish.
· to call the Bishop to initiate and lead in the putting up a home for the aged priests and are retired at the 2 hectare lot donated by former congressman Alfredo Maranon, Jr. and family located at Sagay City, Neg. Occ. (Resolution No. 20 series of 2007).
· To initiate fund raising, solicitations and donations for parish programs and projects.
· Ang diocese mangita ug pamaagi sa pagpangita ug pundo nga magamit kon ang kaparian magmasakit.
· premise cited the body resoled as it is hereby resolved that the following recommendations be adopted :
· Ang diocese maghimo ug programa sa makatabang sa kaparian sa panahon sila magmasakit sama sa priest health insurance ug hospitalization benefit.

o Tithing should be vigorously encouraged as the legitimate means to fund source of the church aside from the ARANCEL system.
· That the budget for priest health care of the diocese be integrated with Philhealth of the gov't. aside from particular funds from the general membership of the church when clergy is stricken with major disease that needs more than Philhealth funding.

o Clergy and church workers should be given basic benefits and privileges commensurate to the present standard of living.
· That ang mga kaparian kinahanglan nga ipa miembro sa Philhealth ug sa Senior Citizen organization pag-abot sa hustong panahon.
· That the Diocese will adopt a consolidated plan in helping the priest in times of sickness and invalidity by enrolling them to SSS, Philhealth and other insurances to provide them adequate amount for their health care.

Lineamenta on Temporalities: THE CHURCH THAT CARES

· RESOLVED that the diocese shall act decrees concerning with these programs and activities.

· That the parishioners should be encourage to contribute appropriate amounts to the priests who are in need.

· That the Diocese will appropriate financially for caring priests and employees.

· to exempt from church fees as sponsors in baptism, confirmation & marriage all church workers.

· That there will be a direct commendation of any lapses encurred by the priests and employees.
· as it is hereby resolved that parish priest shall be extended financial and moral support during their sickness and invalidity

· That the said resolution will be fully implemented in the church.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, all GKK’s shall be notified for financial approval.

· To have a house for the sick and old priests with their respective caretakers.
· RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to pass a Resolution requesting the priest who is about to end his services in the Parish of Sto. Niño to make a proper turn over of the inventoried Church Properties entrusted to him.

· That the Diocese should give a personal caretaker and personal Accident Insurance.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Committee on Temporalities should prepare and facilitate the requirements necessary for the turn over.

· That the Diocese will implement program that would help priest in times of their sickness by providing priest health care and hospitalization benefits.

· that all the parishioners shouldf promote & support the programs related to the decent living of our diocesan priests encuoraged by our Diocesan Commission on Temporalities.

· Nga ang parokya mohatag sa igong sweldo ug mga benepisyo sama sa Philhealth ug SSS.

· That clergy and church workers will be given a compensation and benefits within the lay out of diocesan fund distribution at least in accordance with or more the standard gov't. requirement and honoraria for permanent voluntary religious workers like lay ministers, WESTOY chairpersons, etc. for such daily expenses.

· Nga ang mga kapari-an ug ang mga empleyado sa atong parokya nga nagakinahanglan nga impamiembro sa Social Security System.

· To request the Bishop to find ways and means para mapa miembro ang atong mga kapari-an ug mga empleyado sa atong parokya sa Social Security System.

· To increase certain percent(%) the tithes given by the parishioners to augment financial needs of the clergy and church worker.

· That the parish will give just compensation to priests and parish employees and let them be a member of Philhealth and SSS.

· To request the Bishop of the Diocese to find ways and means and formulate specific guidelines on giving just compensation to priests and parish employees and guidelines on Philhealth and SSS.

· That the Parish will give a Standard Living Allowance to priests and parish volunteer workers.

· To request the Bishop of Diocese to find ways and means and formulate specific guidelines in giving just compensation to priest and parish volunteer workers.

· that one Sunday collection every month be allocated for priest care & church workers.

· nga atong paningkamotan nga maimplementar sa atong parokya ang suporta nga madawat sa atong mga kaparian; aduna usab kitay programa sa simbahan ug pagtudlo sa pagrespeto ug pagtuman sa balaod sa simbahan.

· nga ang diocese mangita ug sponsors aron makatukod ug foundation alang sa mga kinahanglan financial ug material sa panahon nga ang kaparian magkasakit o mabaldado.

· that the spirit of true Christian brotherhood be fostered among Church members as shown in active sharing & helping & other economically & by going moral support.

· priest can get seriously sick anytime & a few become disabled.

· the orice of health & medical care can be very expensive & the priests monthly income alone cannot adequate cover the expense incurred in sickness & /or disability.

· that responsibility accountability & transparency be observed in the implementation of projects in the parish.

· it is hereby resolved that the quasi parish of tagbino shall have a strong system of tithing to accommodate the parish needs the concrete ways to help our priest in times of sickness & physical inability is to have a medical insurance policy & for infrastructure project of the parish shall be supported heartily by the parishioners through voluntary services - to show how they love God, donations & solicitations from prominent people in our community.

· that Income Generating Projects would bring a great improvement and convenience of the Chapel usability.

· resolved that these above mentioned recommendations be taken into consideration immediately.

· RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to pass a resolution requesting the Committee on Temporalities of the Parish of Sto. Niño Pastoral Council to prepare a monthly financial report on the monthly collection of the Church;

· RESOLVED FURTHER, such financial report shall be read before the final blessing in all masses every first Sunday of the month.


· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that there should be catechists in the school to teach the young.
· the lectors, commentators, choir must undergo proper training so that they will easily deliver readings & be understood by the parishioners.
· our worship must flourish love of God & to others.
· be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that efforts shall be made by the lay faithful to enjoin the un-churched and inactive parishioners to get involved in the apostolate and mission of the church through the following approaches:
· continous monthlyin-service training must be given to the lay ministers.
· the lay people especially the youth must be given a part in the activities of the church.
· Tap their natural talents by means of enlisting them , example as resource speakers on topics where they excel and other activities where their talents are best suited.
· the education committee must educate the people in every chapel through the catechist.
· the church leaders must continue in recruiting potential lay people.
· Organize NFG with weekly faith-life sharing reflections and with socio-economic-cultural component program.
· continous religious learning must be given in the community.
· The Diocesan Commission on Worship nga mo create ug committee to make sa mga katilingbanong pag-ampo nga haom sa atong sitwasyon.
· Make them as support group of any community-based activities
· There should be a seminar for youth that would encourage them to participate in church celebration and other religious activities.
· The Parish must have appropriate funds for the purchase sa atong mahimong texto sa liturhiya.
· to let our diocese create a committee of priests to study & draft liturgical texts to be called our own.
· That youth leadership training must be conducted in all GKKs.
· Each parish must create a committee headed by Worship Committee to make katilingbanong pag-ampo nga haom sa kahimtang sa parokya.
· Ang matag GKK maghatag og insaktong edukasyon mahitungod sa Santos nga Misa ug sa importante sa pagsimba.
· Adunay maayong komunikasyon ang kaparian ug mga pamatan-on diha sa katilingban.
· Requesting our Education & Worship Committee to formulate text and guides can be adopted to our situation in the Diocese.
· That the Church or Chapel and the people preparing the celebration must be ready before the celebration.
· That the parish must establish and strengthen the parishes council which is represented by all youth presidents from the city chapels/GKK and ROs.
· To let the Parish/Diocese give full implementation of whatever guides/text made by the two committees duly approved by the Diocese.
· That the Church has a quality sound system, mayo ug klaro nga pagbasa sa pulong diha sa mga pagbasa aron masabtan sa katawhan.
· To involve the lay people especially the young by formulating program of activities at GKK levels for basic catholic education.
· Request the Bishop to create a committee on Education to formulate our own liturgical reading materials suitable for our Diocese.
· Kinahanglan adunay slide projector aron ang tanan makaapil sa pagkanta.
· That the program be carried on the parochial level.
· The Diocese should allow lay people to participate in making of this liturgical texts and guides.
· That the Parish will provide mass guide and song guides and similar visual effects.
· That the parish will encourage the parents to let their children become active in church activities and the parents should be the models.
· That the Diocese should consult GKK representatives and Ros during the reformatting this texts and guides.
· That the GKK will be incharge of the provisions of these guides and similar visual effect.
· That the parish priest will encourage all ROs to conduct lectures especially to the youth.
· Kinahanglan nato amat-amat og iponon ang pinulungan sa Cebuano ug Ilonggo. Usa ra ng kahulugan.
· Nga hangyuon nato ang mga pari nga ang paghimo ug mga pag-ampo ug liturhiya sa atong dioceses nga makahuluganon.
· the priest should give energy and aggresiveness in pursuing the program of the Church for the youth through frequent meetings with the youth leaders.
· Kinahanglan magtukod og Diocesan Committee aron magdumala sa circulation sa maong liturhikanhong texto sa kaugalingong pinulongan.
· The priest should conduct periodic visit to the entire community especially those in depressed areas.
· The Westoy should be encourage to its activities and the parishioners should allocate more funds for the development of the youth
· We must seek assistance from Bible Society to have us provided Bibles in every family of our Diocese sato make our worship and liturgy in the Diocese meaningful.
· That during this visitation should encourage the people to participate in this diocesan and parochial activities.
· Pag-awhag aron daghan moapil nga mga layko labi na sa mga batan-on sa liturhiya og kalihokan sa pag-ampo.
· There will be two liturgical languages, Ilonggo and Cebuano to meet the needs of our Diocese.
· Nga kinahanglan palapdan ug kahibalo ug pagtudlo sa commetiba sa resolution.
· That GKK/RO leaders are responsible to remind lay people especially the young ones to get involve in our liturgical and worship activities.
· That the people of God will be aware of the liturgical calendar of the Church.
· That the GKK/RO leaders are responsible to remind lay people especially the young ones to get involve in our liturgical and worship activities.
· The priest incharge of the commission on youth will be able to conduct Vicariate meetings and all parishers will give full support on all youth activities.

· That the parish will give uniformity in our liturgical guide.
· There will be a Mass intended for youth every week.

· That the priest’s homily must be based on the gospel for the day that will inspire the people of God.
· RESOLVED, to require any spiritual organizations in our parish to recruit new and young members.

· it is hereby resolved that the quasi parish of tagbino shall have common curriculum to sanctify the people of God…that proper outfit must be strictly obeserved specially during masses…that using a veil is a must… that the laity must be encourage to live with spiritual ways of living with love, hope & contentment in life basing upon the scriptures in the bible.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, to inform PPC officers as they are the in-charge of checking this out.

· RESOLVED, that lay should give support to all activities that involves youth.

· RESOLVED FURTHER, to require any youth organizations and activities to have at least two advisers for whom they consider will bring them into right path.

· ang experto sa nag-ampo sa atong diocese magmugna ug paagi diin angh pag-ampo mahimong makahuloganon o ang mga liturgy makahuluganon.

· puedeng pag-ampo sa novena mahimong ma revised

· liturhiya sa kasaulogan sa pulong puede ipahaum sa matag GKK kang mga pag-ampo.

· ang diocese masuporta sa mga kinahanglanon nga lioturhiya mas mayo nga ang experto sa Diocese mohan-ay sa maong text o basahon nga magamit sa matag liturhiya nga gamiton.

· kinahanglan nga ang matag katilingban adunay guide sa misa ug sa kasaulogan sa pulong nga mapalit gikan sa Diocese sa San Carlos.

· resolved that the experts in prayers of the Diocese of San Carlos maoy mopahigayon sa paghimo ug liturhiya haum sa liturgical seasons nga mahimong guide sa tanan parishes sa Diocese.

· makab-ot lang ang pagbalaan sa katawhan kon duna na tay han-ay nga liturgy sa atong liturhikanong kasaulogan, it is resolved that the diocese of san carlos will produce ug kaugalingong liturgy sa pag-ampobased on the liturgical seasons of the year.

· RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVE, to undertake the following program to address the weaknesses in the liturgical services found wanting in the parishes:

o That, there must be a common and continuing program of training for the Lay Ministers to learn their functions and faculties well in order to become effective instrument of God’s word, especially in the delivery of homily based on actual situation and in accord with the changing time, so that parishioners will be encourage to attend ‘Panimbahon’.

o That, the Laity must be encouraged to do symbolic offerings during mass so that they will appreciate the liturgical service by being an active participants. Likewise, continued training program must also be established to further the recruitment of volunteers as lectors, psalmist and commentators.

o That, Youth organization from the GKK must be strengthened through continuous seminars/fellowship/bible sharing for their spiritual growth and activities like sport to enhance unity.

o That, a Diocesan Committee should be created to initiate translation of liturgical texts, guides and songs from Bisayan to Ilonggo and vice-versa.

o That, all Parishes must follow the resolutions that maybe approved during the Synod for a uniform and unified implementation, so that confusion will not arise among the parishioners in the Diocese.


· the eucharistic celebration is observed in all days of the week & give special celebration to the holy days of obligations & Sunday celebration.

· that the youth should avoid wearing immodest dress , avoid brionging cellular phone during the celebration of the sacred liturgy, & avoid talking inside the church.

· we ask our good bishop that the said resolutions will be fully implemented in the entire Diocese of San Carlos.

· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that those church goers who near the main Church must be punctual in attending mass.

· RESOLVED, that we (the Diocese of San Carlos) should have to make our own liturgical guide.

· that by having a tithe from all parishioners, improvements and progress for every BCC could be an easy job to attain.

· RESOLVED FURTHER, to ask the consensus of all parish regarding this issue for its realization.

· it it hereby resolve to encourage the commission on worship to create some creative activities in celebrating the Holy Eucharist.

· nga ang pamaagi sa pagsaulog sa santos nga eucharistiya sa tibuok diocese pareho maglahi ra ang pinulungan-cebuano oriental, ilonggo occidental.

· nga ang diocese sa san carlos magmugna ug kaugalongong missal o mass guide in cebuano for oriental & ilonggo for occidental. Dili magsalig sa mag-ambahan sa cebu.

· nga ang mga kaparian sa tibuok Diocese sa San Carlos makamugna ug laing pamaagi sa pagsaulog sa misa nga mahimong makahuluganon.

· nga ang diocese sa san carl;os may ready na nga guide nga magamit sa kasaulogan ug usab guide para sa santo nga misa.

· kinahanglan mamugna ug pamaagi nga mahimong compulsory ang pagsimba o pag-apil sa kasaulogan sa pulong diha sa ilang katilingban.

· silang expert sa diocese kinahanglan nga adunay han-ay nga guide para sa misa og kasaulogan sa pulong aron mahimong makahuluganon ang liturhiya.

· it was resolved as it is hereby resolved that in order to attain a meaningful Eucharistic celebration 10-20 minutes catechism before mass be in force , that parish priest/assign lay workers welcome the parishioners and together with his liturgical staff start and exit mass at entrance door, that men , women including the children should have in modest attire, that parishioners sign of peace be shown as love and concern. Resolution No. __29________.

· Resolved, to adapt the resolutions stated above,


· that the lay ministers must have seminars & recollections to deepened their commitment & have regular schedule of meeting in the parish.
· it is hereby resolved to prohibit lay ministers, lectors and other church servers who have conflict with the priests in other parishes.

· resolved to authorize the worship committee with the lay ministers organization to conduct the formation seminars on lay ministers under the parish priest.

· to requset the diocesan commiission on worship to have a synchronized instructions and instructional materials for lay ministers formation curriculum.

· we ask our good bishop that the said resolutions will be fully implemented in the entire Diocese of San Carlos.

· the diocese should set strict rules & regulations in the selection of lay ministers especially on morality.

· the Diocese of San Carlos will have uniform modules for lay ministers to be adapted by all parishes to have uniformity in executing their duty on "kasaulogan sa pulong"

· RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVE, to embark on the following program to help strengthen the personality, morality, character and renew the spiritual life of the Lay Ministers of the Word and Eucharist in the parish:

· That, there must be a common, wholesome and comprehensive Diocesan Curriculum in the recruitment formation and continuing program of education for the Lay Ministers to learn their functions and faculties well in order to become preachers. Provide a manual for guide.

· That, the Lay Ministers must also undergo seminars on spiritual upliftment so that they will be able to internalize the Word of God and become role model of integrity, transparency and commitment not only in their task in bringing the Word of God but in their homes as well, being good parent and good provider of the family.

· That, training in good grooming and personality development will also make them respectable to the parishioners (rich and poor) whom they are giving service.

· That, every Lay Ministers must undergo screening by the Parish Pastoral Council or a committee established to look into their suitability being morally, emotionally spiritually and physically capable.

· That, Lay Ministers must coordinate with the Parish Priest and the PPC. In order to become effective in fulfilling their ministry, must attend regular meeting and bible study with the Parish Priest in order to prepare a good homily in their weekly ‘Panimbahon’, find out about the current pastoral situations and attend parish activities like the Synod.

· That, in order to make our worship at the GKK more active and meaningful, the GKK members and parishioners should be active in attending the chapel activities, form GKK choir, give catechism, and do house visitations to win over everyone being part of the community who gives praise and worship God as one.

· Lastly, being volunteer Lay Ministers the GKK members should look into their personal needs by supporting their means of transport, providing for items needed for good grooming & hygiene, and supplying the proper attire during the ‘Panimbahon’.

· that the worship committee should create a parish choir coming from different organizations & GKKs & have regular practice for singing church songs.

· resolve to request all GKKs to have participants in the parish choir every Sunday.

· we ask our good bishop that the said resolutions will be fully implemented in the entire Diocese of San Carlos.

· it has been resolved by the group that there should be a clergy inj charge for the liturgical songs and he will introduce the songs to the choir of the parishes within the vicariates in order to familiarize the liturgical songs of the diocese of san carlos.

· the in charge clergy will facilitate on the production of the songbook with the chord for the choir to use and practice (choir will pay for the booklet)

· Resolved further o send copies of this resolution to the Diocese of San Carlos and approved copies be sent back to the Parish of St. Joseph.

Lineamenta on Ecumenism: THE CHURCH OF DIALOGUE

· resolve as it is hereby resolved that:
to establish an interfaith organization to act as lead agency in the implementation of programs and projects for members of the different faith, sect, religion to work together for the promotion of justice and peace. (Resolution No. 18 series of 2007)

· RESOLVED, kinahanglan dili lalisan ang tinu-ohan sa ubang secta

· The Doctrinal Differences between interfaith denominations should be respected.

· that an on going education on ecumenism be implemented.

· RESOLVED FURTHER, i-apil pagtudlo diha sa cathekesis nga dili dapat lalisan ang tinu-ohan sa ubang secta.

· Each and everyone will avoid proselitism.

· RESOLVED, makig-hidait ug respeto as usag-usa.

· RESOLVED, Ug kini gisegundahan sa mga miyembro nga kinahanglan magpakabana gyud ang pobre ug datu aron magkahiusa sa tanang kalihukan.

· To enhance pastoral charity to our separated brothers and sisters, should be upheld our Christian witnessing.

· RESOLVED FURTHER, nga may pobre ug may datu basta para sa kalambuan sa atong parokya, ato gyud kining uyunan.



· therefore be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that in order to have inter-religious dialogue and ecumenism for the well being of the people the following ways be adopted:

· the parish Priest shall spearhead the call of all religious sects/ faith in the community to have a dialogue where all will work hand in hand for the welfare of humanity.

· that the parish shall take initiative to teach the parishioners how to get along with all types of people of different faith;

· as Catholics we must renew ourselves first before we attempt to renew others and let ourselves a role model of what Jesus Christ taught us in the Holy Scripture.

· that we must understand and respect the culture and doctrines of other sects/faith.

· to listen & respect our brethren in different faith they also believe in one true God.

· that the organizing & worship committees should create a culture of respect & listening heart with our brethren.

· that the PPC shall prepare program of activities on this particular meeting.

· to strengthen the implementation of the Tree-Planting Project and other Projects for the Care and the Improvement and the Preparation of the corresponding Feasibility Study for its sustainable implementation, and to involve other People of different sects. (Resolution No. __17__ series of 2007).

· that the commission on Ecumenism of the dioceses be reactivated.

· Atong paningkamotan nga maimplement diri sa atong parokya ang panagsabotsabot ug pagpaminaway sa lain laing relihiyon alang sa tukma ug maayong pamaagi aron makab-ot ang tinuoray nga gugma, kaangayan ug kalinaw.

· that there is a need to refrain from any religious faith arguments and debates so as to prevent misunderstandings among members of the community.

· RESOLVED FURTHER, that all members of the community should be informed in the importance of religious ecumenism or respect their own way in order to avoid negligence of oneself ion the community and factions will be lessen.

· that the church initiate for inter religious dialogue with other denominations in a loving and uniting manner. Avoid debate/s or any unhealthy discussionsthat would lead to separation of God's people.

· resolved that natural understaning and greater cooperation be established and strengthend thropugh better rapport brought about by open communication, respect, concern, caring and sharing and being one with those of other faith in working for the common good.


· to seek the assistance of renewal movements linked to the diocese through the priest concerned.

· Resolved gather all Chairpersons of the Temporalities in the parish for information dissemination.

· to encourage the parishioners to attend mass & take part in spreading the Gospel of Jesus & also encourage to do their missionary work.

· it is hereby resolved that the quais parish of tagbino shall have one common curriculum for the progress & encouragement in mission task of the diocese odf san carlos borromeo, the awareness of parishioners through prayers…the moral & spiritual support...that the financial support the top priority...& encourage the lay people to join the missionary.

· resolved that the missionary spirit be promoted and animaetd by the spiritual support through prayers, active participation and financial support of the faithful for the missionary activities.


· to finance and encourage the faithful to participate in the on-going formation and be educated in the Church’s Social Teachings.
· it is hereby resolveto produce guides or hand-outs on liturgical celebration, their catechetical meaning and value.

· resolve requesting the diocese to prepare modules for chapel based catechesis for children and young adults.

· as it is hereby resolves regarding the creation of Sunday school.

· as it is hereby resolved to use song & music appropriate to the celebration during liturgical services.

· that all the faithful shoul actively involve in all church's activity & apostolate with the greater emphasis on Sunday masses, confession, holy rosary, novena & in holy days of obligations as mandated on the church liturgical year.

· by the GKK officers to inform all members to participate on chapel's activities such as praying the holy rosary, novenas & processions, attending monthly mass & going to confession & observing the holy days of obligation.

· requesting the diocese to decide the exact liturgical rites for all the parishes of the diocese.

· more catechists will be trained & provided with materials (guide, references, aids)& financial support to revitalize catechesis.

Lineamenta on participation of the poor in the church:ACTIVE PRESENCE & PARTICIPATION OF THE POOR IN THE CHURCH

· resolve as it is hereby resolved that:
· to tap the active members of the community be trained & to be the first agents of renewal.

· The rich and poor parishioners should actively participate on parish apostolate and programs..
· that the parish should reactivate the dormat religious organizations to actively participate in church programs & activities.

· To strengthen and improve the parish programs and apostolate in the BECs.
· that equality in dignity of all members sharing & mutual interaction be fostered & strengthened in all activities/ programs & organizations in the parish.

· premise considered , the body resolved as it is hereby resolved to undertake the following:
· RESOLVED FURTHER, that a team should be organized to perform the task and to put necessary actions to make its active members have active and inactive members be motivated once again to participate church activities.

o Priests and Lay leaders will create opportunities/ activities wherein both could learn to be with, work with and learn from the poor.

o Conduct surveys to categorize into sectoral groups the different areas so as to formulate modules/inputs suited to a particular sector in order to enlist/entice /encourage them to get involved or participate actively in the church apostolate.

o That the church and the lay leaders to show genuine concern to the rights and needs of the marginalized poor by way of organizing a team of professional as apostolate to render free and voluntary services to address their different areas of concern such as.

§ lawyers for legal assistance

§ Medics for medical assistance

§ Technical for technical assistance.

· RESOLVED, that the poor could actively participate in the apostolate of the Parish.

· resolved requesting the bishop of the Diocese of San Carlos to initiate programs that give continous education to some members of the church to enhance their active participation on the church activities.

· to let those in the upper bracket of the society (rich) & the lower bracket (poor) parishioners join in church activity in order to develop & create a sense of bonding in the parish.

· to let the GKK officers & in general the parishioners join in any church activities or apostolate.

· to authorized the education committee with the worship to conduct the bible apostolate from GKK to parish level.

· to issue an endorsement of the program from GKK coordinators.

· to reach out the poor of the church thought the expansion and strengthening of programs and projects in the GKK in order for the poor to have an active presence and participation with the help of the rich; (Resolution No. 16 series of 2007)

· that the diocese & parish must continue to educate the poor & make them aware that they are not only recepients of evangelization but agents of evangelization.

· it is hereby resolved that the church will not only evangelize the poor, but the poor in the church will themselves become evangelizers pastors & lay leaders will learn to be with, work with & learn ffrom the poor.

· ang mga pangulo sa simbahan ug mga kaparian o ministro sa simbahan kinahanglan mohatag ug unag pagtagd pagpakaban og pagpaminaw ngadto sa hut-ong sa mga kabus, ilabi na ang nga kabus maoy labing daghang sa atong katilingban karon usa ka timalian nga ang sala nakasulod na ug maayo sa atong sosyodad.

· nga sila mahinatagon sa ilang mga kapanguhaan og katigayonan aron mapagaan o makunhuran ang kakabus og makahimo nila sa pag-ila nga bisan pa sa ilang kakabus sila gihigugma sa Dios.

· nga kinahanglan sila adunay direktang kasayuran sa kinabuhi ug tinuod nga kahimtang sa mga kabus, diha mismo sa ilang katilingban.

· nga kadtong klaro gayud nga kabus kinahanglan dili mahikawan sa mga serbisyo sama sa mga bayranan sa mga sakramento, sa bunyag, konpirma, kasal ug uban pang mg a spiritual services labi na sa ordinary ug special nga bayranan.

· nga ma implementar unta ang mga programa sa social action center sa atong diocese dinhi sa atong parokya dili lang para paghatag og nag-unang serbisyo sa kabus kondili aron makapraktis ang kabos mahimong masaligon sa kaugalingon.

· prisets and other church leaders give more attention in developing leaders & church workers among the poor and work with them in carrying the church's mission.

· that the presence of individual Christian person is very much needed in the community in order to attain progress.

· that all members of the BEC should be monitored and reach-out in order to keep them in touch with latest plans/needs and improvements of the community.

· resolved that GKKs and priests work hand in hand to level off differences in the implementation of parish program.

· resolved further that priests initiate venues to encourage the rich & poor/GKK members to actively participate in activities like synod to gradually eliminate feeling of being discriminated.

Lineamenta on the laity: EMPOWERING THE LAY FAITHFUL

· resolve as it is hereby resolved that
· that no church services be administered by the parish priest to any individual without proper endorsement from BEC WESTOY officers where they reside.
· There must be a Lay Minister in every chapel, who is a model in the apostolate.
· be it resolved as it is herby resolved that in order to provide full meaning to Lay Empowerment the following actions by the clergy are recommended:
· The choir must coordinate with the Chairman of the Worship.
o More involvement of the Laity in the decision making of the church;
· The acolytes must coordinate with the Chairman of the Worship and “Sakristan Mayor.”
· Make the Lay feel that they are co-workers and team-mates of the parish priest in parish administration;
· The priest must continue in giving the laity the responsibility in continuing the programs of the church.
· 3. Appointing laypersons to perform minor clerical duties; give doctrinal, biblico-theological instruction.
· The Family Grouping Program must be practiced in every parish.
· ang mga laiko hatagan ug kahigayonan sa pangpangulo sa mga kalihukan alang sa kalambuan sa parokya ug sa mga parokyano.
· The religious organizations and mandated movements must continue their programs in the apostolate.
· The GKK must have complete and functional members and committees.
· The Constitution and By-Laws of every parish must be given proper implementation.
· that the lay faithful who have important functions in the parish like lay ministers, lectors, commentators may not be prohibited from continuing their function in case they run as political candidate.
· be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that every baptized person must commit himself to the following roles, tasks and functions of the Lay faithful as unanimously recommended by the body:

o So that the Laity can actively and effectively exercise their apostolate they shall undergo an in-depth spiritual formation and solid doctrinal formation in theology and philosophy attuned to the Laity’s needs and adjusted to the differences of ages, status, and natural talents.

o He must be properly prepared in the apostolate through formation and well-informed about the contemporary world;

o Being so, he will be active in his own basic Christian community and shall gradually learn to see, judge and act in the light of faith even as he continues to develop himself through active involvement in integral evangelization;

o That the laity shall actively get involved in the decision making related to church affairs, administration and inventories of church property through the parish pastoral council.

· resolved that the Parish be provided by Visual-Aid facilities, Education paraphernalia for On-going formation.
· resolved further by the eucharistic ministers to help the priest in giving Holy Communion during masses & in giving Holy Communion to the sick in their house & hospitals.

· ang mga laiko kinahanglan sa pag gahin sa iyang panahon, kahibalo ug kaantigohan, ug salapi alang sa katumanan sa nga ginbuhaton ug mga kaayohan sa parokya.

· that the participation of the laity in achieving their mission be broadened & intensified by recognizing, developing & encouraging them to use their capacities, talents abilities & skills in complementary service with the priest.

· that those already active in the apostolate be given the nescessary freedom in initiating activities in judgement & decision making with the fraternal guidance of the parish priest.

· RESOLVED, that every church activities should be taken and dealt with seriously be given whole hearted support more than any other ordinary civic activities.

· RESOLVED FURTHER, to send a unified guidelines/standard to be followed in carrying out this motion so as to meet the success of the said PLAN.

· RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to pass a resolution requesting for a thorough and diversified spiritual formation of the lay people by the Parish Priest necessary for his empowerment to effectively exercise his universal call to service and evangelization.


· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that the parish should have a continuous community gatherings based on the Basic Orientation Seminary (BOS), from the GKK to the parish.
· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that the GKK leaders should be given a follow up seminars and any enhancement programs
· it is hereby resolve to request the parish council to create a committee or task force to reinforce & restructure deminishing GKK in the parish;
· resolved that the following recommendations espoused by the synod delegates be adopted:
· Nga adunay kakulangan sa atong mga opisyales nga magatabang sa atong parokya sa pagtukod sa simbahan sa mga kabus.
· be it resolved as it is hereby resolved by the synod delegates that the Parish should take appropriate steps to revitalize and enrich the existing GKK’s to make it more fully functional and responsive to the call of the church in the modern times.
· For formation purposes, Biblico – Theological orientation/Seminars be given to GKK members and officers.
· Nga adunay gayo'y mga leaders ug opisyales nga may insaktong kahibalo aron may mosulbad sa mga problema.
· there will be a continuous Basic Orientation Seminar (BOS) and Leadership Training for GKK Officers.
· Component programs on socio-cultural and economics be introduced and undertaken to improve the quality of life most especially for those who are less privileged.
· Ang tanang GKKs adunay regular monthly meetings aron pagsulbad sa mga problema sa GKK.
· RESOLVED, that the bonding of families in a smaller cluster unit consisting of 11 families should be strengthen to have a smooth relationship among its members.
· Resolved further that the parish WESTO shall undertake concrete programs and activities to strengthen and enrich small communities aimed at building up the church of the poor.
· Requesting the parish to reexamine existing policies of the parish organizing committee in the building of the church of the poor. Find remedies for policies of negative results.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, that religious activities such as Panimbahon and all other forms of spiritual needs should be upheld and taken absolutely.
· RESOLVED, to furnish a copy of this resolution to the Diocesan Service Commission.
· Nga ang parish organizing committee magapadayon sa pag organize ug GKK hangtud sa kinatomyan nga dapit sa parokya.
· to support the existing endorsemnet system of GKK chairman & lay minister to the parish, buy the parish to another parish.
· RESOLVED, that every GKK should take a share in whatever project the parish are into.
· That on our assessment, the organizing committee organized about 60% of the communities

· RESOLVED FURTHER, it should be emphasized to every GKK about the importance of cooperation in accomplishing and realizing projects.
· That additional effort should be done by the organizing committee to complete its task and therefore should be provided with additional funds and personnel for such purposes.
· that in consultation & approval of the parish priest, BEC in the areas shall have authority to set policies & guidelines on how & when the members of the community could avail of the service of the church.
· Ang organizing committee mahatagan ug igong suporta sa ilang panginahanglanon sa ilang pagtukod sa simbahan sa mga kabus aron mahimong epektibo sa pagpalambo sa GKK.
· the GKK officers & WESTOY officers from different organized areas should be given re orientation seminar & updating concerning the existing programs like tithing & alay kapwa.
· That the current membership of 193 GKK is an idicator of accomplishment thereby it should be expanded to its fullest serviceability.
· calling the Bishop for the production & distribution of lesson guides for use during the weekly conduct of the neighborhood family group of their faith life sharing reflection.
· Nga ang mga membro sa organizing sa GKK is matinud-anon na ilang trabaho.
· nga magpadayon ang Basic Orientation Seminar (BOS) sa matag sitio.
· nga human sa BOS adunay Basic Leadership Skill Training (BSLT) sa pagtukod ug mga Zona.
· nga nagkinahanglan ug "support programs" sama sa: livelihood, income generating program (IGP), cooperative nga makatabang sa pagpalig-on sa ilang katilingban.
· Ang simbahan mohimo ug mga livelihood program sama sa multi-purpose cooperative.
· dugang nga pagtulon-an sama ssa panglawas, hustong paggamit sa kinaiyahan, bible study ug uban pa nga makadugang sa pagpalambo sa GKK.
· Ang Diocese/simbahan mohatag ug copy sa Resolution ngadto sa Diocesan Office of the Social Action Foundation for proper assistance regarding the project offered.
· kinahanglan nga magtukod ug parish formation (PFT) nga responsible sa paghatag sa BOS, BSLT ug sa pag monitor sa mga katilingban.

· For the parish to support for pre-school education/organizing program of the catholic faith at the grassroots level by training GKK pre-school mentors/organizers to enrich the small communities of the lay faithful.
· nga kinahanglan ang kura paroko mohatag og "priority" sa pagpalambo sa BEC/GKK isip usa ka paagi sa ebanghelisasyon diha sa kinabuhi sa simbahan.
· Nga ang mga GKKs kinahanglan gayud nga masangkap sila sa kahibalo, mataohanon man o espiritual nga aspeto alang sa kalamboan niini.
· Nga ang atong diocese uban sa atong komitiba sa edukasyon mohimo ug mga seminars kabahin sa spiritual awareness diin ang mo apil niining siminara mao ang mga opisyales sa GKK ug sa Westoy ug ilang ma re-echo ang ilang kahibalo ngadto sa atong mga kaigsoonan.
· Nga kon kini nga resolution ma aprobahan ang diocese kinahanglan nga sa kada tuig ang atong GKK officers adunay tinuig nga evaluation.
· That the parish should provide the GKKs with adequate guidelines or any programs and activities that it is sized to implement.
· To request the parish education/organization committees
· That the parish should appoint anyone who will serve as a point person in the implementation of these programs and activities such as supporting the CFD and education team and the catechist, to train more people in Bible study and preaching the good news outside the church.
· To initiate/support basic evangelization program from the parish.
· That ang mga leader sa mga education e pressure sa simbahan nga malihok nila ang ilang katungdanan para mapalambo nila ang ilang edukasyon ug aron ang mga myembro sa GKK makab-ot sa pag bag-o sa ilang tagsa-tagsa nga kinabuhi.
· Nga matagpamilya nga modawat sa sacramento sa bunyag og kasal, makiglambigit gayud sa kalihukan.
· Nga ang parokya malihukon nga nagtukod ug mga GKK sa iyang ginsakopan ilabi na kadtong na-a sa pinaka ubos.
· Nga gihangyo namo ang mga kaparian nga mo suportar pa gyud sa mga oarganizing committee alang sa ilahang nasugdan nga programa ngadto sa lain lain nga GKK.
· That the education committee should be encourage to approach the GkKs in giving additional inputs in the program of the church.
· Nga ang pundo sa GKK tithing share gamiton aron sa pagpalambo sa GKK hangtod ngadto sa pinakaubos.

· Kung ang pundo magkulang mangayo ug suporta/tabang sa parokya ug sa diocese.

· The organizing committee should give more reorientation seminar to those none cooperative GKK members.

· Na matag Eucharistic Celebration sa Cathedral or areas adunay igong gidaghanon sa mga binonyagan na motambong niini.

· there will be a reinforcement activity on Basic Orientation Seminar (BOS) & a refresher course on leadership training for GKK officers.

· RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to pass a resolution requesting the Church of Sto. Niño to organize all GKK’s in the Parish into a federation in order to have unified and well coordinated activities in carrying out the Mission of the Church.


· RESOLVED, that strict compliance of endorsement is a must.
· RESOLVED, that these uncooperative and supportive catholic Christians should not be given an Endorsement letter.
· RESOLVED, that all catholic Christians faithful should required to receive sacraments the way the church wanted it to be.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, that all baptized Catholics must participate and cooperate actively to all the programs and activities by their respective G.K.K.’s before he/she demands for church service.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, that due to fact of being indifferent from any church activities and obligations, they should not also be given services from the church as need arises.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, that PCC officers and coordinators of every core groups should set schedules and standards in receiving sacraments.
· that the people will be evangelize by the parish catechists or parish priest before receiving the sacraments.
· to prohibit churchgoers with indecent attire & under the influence of liquor to receive the sacrament of communion.

· to request St. Peter Parish, Calatrava, Neg. Occ. To endorse all the church records of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish Minapasok, Calatrava, Neg. Occ.

· Adult Catechesis will be conducted thirty (30) minutes before the Celebration of the Liturgy of the Word (Kasa-ulogan sa Pulong), and the Eucharist in every area.

· the church leaders must continue in recruiting & educating those people who will receive the sacraments.

· those who will be receiving the sacraments must be ready to theirselves & true to their hearts & minds that they will receive it.

· the church leaders must strengthen those evolving committees who are helping in the preparation for the celebration of the sacramental liturgy.

· gikinahanglan sa matag GKK ang pagkahan-ay sa mga orientasyon o seminar kabahin sa kahulugan ug importansya sa 7 ka sacramento angayang dawaton sa matag katoliko. Gikinahanglan ang expertise sa Diocese mahitungod niini aron ipatigayon sa usab sa mga education sa matag parokya para ipaabot usab sa kada GKK o katilingban.

· it is resolve nga ang diocese sa san carlos, may hiniusang ritu o liturgy para sa 7 ka sacramento nga magamit sa matag parokya o kwasay parish sulod sa diocese.

· resolvednga ang diocese may binag-ong rito para sa matag sacramento aron mahimong masmakahuluganon kini ug mas sayon sa paggamit kong namubo kini.

· ang tanang kaparian sa diocese sa san carlos adunay parehong rito/liturgy sa tanang mga sacramento aron kiota adunay kahiusahan sa atong diocese. Ug tibook diocese sa san carlos kinahanglan ang matag parokya sulod sa diocese adunay uniform rate sa matag sacramento aron mawala ang pagcomparahay sa mga parokya. ang buot ipasabot nga kon pila ang bunyag o kasal sa usa ka parokya, mao usab ang rate sa uban. it is resolved that ang rate sa mga sacaramento nga maagrihan sa clergy meeting mao usab ang tumanon sa matag parokya sa diocese ug walay increases niini sa lima ka tuig ug ang increase kinahanglan usab nga hisgutan sa clergy meeting sa mga kaparian.

· Resolved, that resolutions stated above be presented to the Bishop of San Carlos for approval.

· Resolved further, that copies of approved resolutions be furnished to the Parish of St, Joseph.

· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that the diocese should make a module on Responsible Parenthood.

· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that every family should be an active member of the Church and GKK and the parents must bring their children to the Church.

· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that each and everyone should be a catechist and be a good example to our neighbors by living as a mature and a true Christian.

· resolved as it is hereby resolved that upon the unanimous consent of the delegates of the Sto. Rosario Parish Mini-Synod, the Body adopts the above premise in making families as the center of evangelization and catechesis.
· Attendance to the Pre-Cana for marriage applications shall be strictly observed by both parties.
· it resolved as it is hereby resolved that these different family life Organizations be placed under one umbrella, the Family Life Center under the shepherding of one Spiritual Director in order to come up with a well-planned, orderly and systematic Family Life Apostolate.
· that the parents should conduct catechesis to their children to become a religious family where peace and love exist.
· Families should actively get involved in whatever programs or endeavors related to family concerns initiated by the church.
· that parents should be required to discipline their children.
· that the cluster family in a smaller G.K.K. should monitor the activity on catechesis among its member.
· Make Panimbahon as a core activity of the church members.
· to have values orientation seminar for parents in proper parenting.
· that the diocese of san carlos should not adopt measures to integrate in church activities adult, youth & children catechism.
· RESOLVED, to approved the request for a sustainable program and activities for the improvement of knowledge, attitude and values of the family members.
· to establish a family corner in every parish & BEC's chapel which will provide informative materials for every member of the family.
· to let the parents teach their children about the basic prayers such as Our Father, Hail mary and Glory Be, etc.
· that parents should see to it that the family be the first school for their children which they will learn basic religious & moral values.
· call the Bishop of San Carlos for the establishment & maintenance of a Diocesan Christian Family Life Training Cenetr for the continous education & updating of leaders involved in strengthening the Christian family.


· calling the Bishop to hold a series of conventions of all leaders in the Christian Life Family movement to prepare a strategic plan to serve as foundation for a unified & concerted effort among these organizations to strengthen family life.
· calling the Bishop for the production of a study guide for topics of the pre-marriage seminar for use of all parishes in the Diocese.
· resolved that clergies lead in providing avenues for different groups to regularly meet, share ideas/experiences related to FLA to be able to come up with common plan of action in the light of the Holy Family.
· ang mga ginikanan isip modelo mogiya sa iyang mga anak nga magpadu-ol sa simbahan, motudlo sa iyang mga anak sa pagkamahadlukon sa Diyos aron mahimong maayong sumbanana sa katilingban.
· resolved to educate every member of the family by participating in the family groupings. As nodels to the youth, parents should promote loving and harmonious relation at home by practicing regular pareyr before and after meals, make themselves available to their children when needed, ask their children about catechism in school and support and follow up their children involvement ino rganization.
· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that all religious organizations and movements should accredit themselves in the diocese; and let the commission on religious organizations and movements study their ways of evangelization.
· it is hereby resolved that Diocese of San Carlos shall have one common curriculum for the formation of Family Life Apostolate program to enlighten the people & improve our Christian community.

· the family as center of the evangelization must be strengthened by fostering its unity & stabilitythrough mutual affection, understanding & respect among its members, by common prayers offered to God especially in the liturgical worship of the Church.

· resolved that families by living out christian values, listento the Gospel, reflect and put into practice, be encouraging with loving manner, husbands and children to participate in evry activity in the family, community and parish.

· RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to pass a Resolution requesting the Diocese of San Carlos to formulate a training module that would provide training of priests in the Parishes of the Diocese about family matters that would help and build the Christian Families in the Light of the Holy Family;

· RESOLVED FURTHER, that all groups engaged in giving pastoral care to the families in their respective parishes should be coordinative with the Parish Priest in order to have a well-planned and systematic Family Life Apostolate.

Lineamenta on Catholic Schools

· RESOLVED, to promote catholic education among all our children and find means to have it continuously.

· RESOLVED FURTHER, to require every organized chapel to have at least 10 catechist that will penetrate public elementary and secondary school for catechism.

· we ask our good bishop that the said resolutions will be fully implemented in the entire Diocese of San Carlos.
· resolved that an association of paroschial schools be formed in the diocese of San Calros.

· that there must be a regular catechist in schools both in elementary & secondary levels.

· Resolved that resolution stated above be presented to the Bishop of San Carlos for approval.

· it is hereby resolved that Catholic Educational Institutions must actively participate & support the evangelization & pastoral programs of the DIOCESE & parishes.

· that every Christian person should always keep their faith towards stronger in order to have a better service for the church.

· RESOLVED FURTHER, that all Christian Persons should attend every church activities held in their respective community (BEC) and of the Parish actively

· resolved that the parish of Mount Carmel brings ups the concern & suggestions to the attention of the schools concern for proper consideration & for social transformation.

· resolved that religious formation should be the primary thrust in schools administered by parishes or runby teligious orders without neglectingacademic excellence.


· that the active role of women in the church will serve as good example in the parish for the parishioners.
· to allow women to act as Lay Ministers in all Parishes under the Diocese.
· by the GKK officers especially women that there must be an awareness that the role of women in the parish have an important role in the renewing church.
· calling all the women in the Parish especially the Catholic Women's League to have an active involvement in the Catechetical Program of the Parish for Out-of-School Catechism,
· it is resolved that the diocese will give importance to the women sector by giving them seminar particularly on awareness of women's role in the present society.
· RESOLVED, that every woman in our parish should join at least one spiritual organization .
· RESOLVED FURTHER, to request organized chapel leaders to list down the organizations from which their faithful become members.
· resolved that women follow the marian values already mentioned above and that men and women become perfect disciples of Christ by actively participating in Church program thru GKK's and be sensitive for the protection of the integrity of creation & equal rights for both.
· resolved that women should also be admitted as eucharistic ministered in the Diocese.
· The role of Lay organizations, movements, associations & spiritual groups in parish renewal
· RESOLVED, that any organizations should be given a time to have outing as their bonding.
· adunay gayod strikto nga mga requirements sa matag parokya nga mahimong miembro sa BEC's/GKK ang mga lumulupyo ug kon dili kini sila motuman walay bunyag, kasal o lubong mahitabo kon wala sila magtahod sa mga requirements.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, that bonding /outings by any organization have the special permission by the parish priest / PPC officers.
· updated seminars sa mga officers sa matg organizations, movements, associations o spiritual groups sa kada parokya sulod sa Diocese regarding Marian Devotions & other devotions.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Parish Priest of St. Anthony of Padua will initiate the reorganization and provide support for their programs and activities.
· that all religious organizations & movements should accredit themselves in the diocese; and let the commission on religious organizations & movements study their ways of evangelization.
· that the LOMAS should be formed in our parish & later coordinate with the parish priest & CPC concerning their activities & apostolate in the parish in forming the christian communities.
· Resolved that resolutions stated above be presented to the bishop of San Carlos for approval.
· the priest together with the PPC must call a meeting for the LOMAS leaders so they will know their roles & obligations.
· ang Diocese of San Carlos kinahanglan adunay han-ay nga forma para pagapaaccredit sa mga movements/organizations or associations aron magamit nila sa ilang binulan o yearly nga mga activities nga magamit sa tanang parokya ssa tibuok Diocese of San Carlos.
· the LOMAS must coordinate with the PPC in their programs & activities.
· it is resolved that the diocese of san carlos will provide checklist of apostolic works/activities which every organization, movement, association or apiritual group could identify where or how far have they gone through for those listed activities & how theyould implement them.
· there must be seminars for the LOMAS leaders so that they will be aware of the on going programs of the church.
· resolved that the Diocese should forma federationof lay organizations and be represented in the diocesan council.
· every leader of LOMAS must be a part of the PPC as ex officio member.
· the priest must call the attention of those LOMAS so that their programs will be accord to the programs of the church.

· the church must give warning, corrections & disciplinary actions for those LOMAS who are not following the priority programs of the parish.

· the LOMAS must not indorse any candidate during election period.

· the priest must be the spiritual director of every LOMAS.

· calling the Bishop for the establishments of the lay Formation Center in the Diocses for the continous education & training & updating of lay leaders to prepare the laity for active involvement in parish evangelization programs & projects.

· ang Diocese of San Carlos momugna ug mga policiya/regulations diin ang mga kalihukan sa mga lay organizations, movements, & associations ma accredit diha sa mga programa sa simbahan sa tibuok Diocese.

· kasagaran mopahibalo sa kura paroko ug sa presidente sa PPC ug ang uban wala, padayon sila sa ilang gimbuhaton.

· ang mga officers sa organizations, movements, associations & spiritual groups mo attend ug regular meeting sa PPC aron ma update sila sa mga kalihukan sa matag programa sa simbahan. Kadtong wala mosubay sa programa ato silang pahibaloon ug estoryahan ug paapilon sa meeting matag bulan (3rd sunday)

· resolved that to shepherd lay orgs., etc. there should be imposed, to strictly follow catholic doctrine and members of lay orgs., etc. should be encourage/inspired by the parish to attend seminars, meetings, studies to level off on our common understanding and implementation of parish plan of action.

· resolved furthER, that the Parish via the parish priest or PPC take the initiative of establishing mutual relation with other existing organizations, movements, associations etc. whose program are not under the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

· resolved that the possible lay organizations like DMI, Kof C & Legion of Mary be established in the parish.


· resolve as it is hereby resolved that
· that the Diocese should source out funds for the Standard Living Allowance and Retirement Benefits for priests.
· be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that the following recommendations be undertaken:
· The priest must serve the Christian Community in lowlands and in highlands.
· it resolved as it is hereby resolved that the efforts should be made so that the above premise be realized which is to be initiated by the PPC.
o there must be an intensive and comprehensive vocation campaign among the young especially the professional ones.
· The priest must serve the Christian Community fairly, may it be to the rich or poor people.
· resolved requesting the bishop of the diocese of san carlos to issue order directing GKK officials to implement rules & regulations requiring their members to have complete attendance on 12 consecutive sundays during kasaulogan sa pulong &12 months complete tithings as a requisite of the endorsement to the parish.
· On-going search-in program for the youth must be provided for
· The priest must be peace loving, approachable and always ready to serve his parishioners.
· calling the Bishop for the implemetation of a special & sustainable program for the advancement of the leadership & management skills of the clergy of the Diocese.
· Integral formation of the seminarians in the seminary should be given stress.
· The priest must observe the democratic rule in dealing with his parishioners.
· Ang katawhan sa atong komunidad mosuporta sa iyang mga buluhaton ug sa kanunay iampo usab ang mga kaparian nga magmatinud-anon sila sa ilang mga gipangbuhat
· Each parish should be required for fund allocated for the seminarians and that these be centralized in the Diocese.
· The priest must be open to accept the new ways and practices of honoring and serving the Lord.
· Nga kinahanglan nga dunay grupo sa mga magtutuo nga mohimong panagtigum bilang prayer support once a month alang sa mga buluhaton sa pagpalambo sa simbahan.
· Ang kinasing-kasing nga pagtabang ngadto sa atong parokya ug sa kaparian.
· The priest must be open to accept the ideas and opinions of his parishioners.
· To make parishioners renewed Christians so that he can acknowledge the clergy as a shepherd and support them morally and spriritually.
· Nga ang tanang opisyales sa mga religious group magtukod ug usa ka komitiba nga ang function mao lang gayud ang pagsuporta sa mga relihiyosang kalihukan sa kaparian.
· The parishioners must cooperate with the programs and works of the priest for the community.
· Nga ang mga parokyano motabang sa mga panginahanglan sa mga pari alang sa kalamboan sa pagbag-o sa tanang katawhan.
· Gikinahanglan gayud ang financial support gikan sa tanang katawhan, coordinated apostolate sa mga religious organization.
· The parishioners must support the priest financially, spiritually, and emotionally so that he can do his task/obligations well in the church.
· calling the Bishop for the implemetation of a special & sustainable program for the advancement of the leadership & management skills of the clergy of the Diocese.
· To request the incharge of accepting seminarians of a selective receiving of a child's social and psychological background from formative years up to the time he entered (i.e. 10 years before the seminary, inorder to promote and sustain priestly vocation which qualify in our parish for the next generation.
· The parishioners must help in the priesthood vocation campaign; help in recruiting aspirants for the priesthood vocation and continue praying for the vocation of the priest.
· Along this time, the fparishioners should give complete moral and financial support to our priest.
· Nga pinaagi sa pag-ampo ug sa financial support ug sa tanang butan, molambo gayud ang de kalidad nga bokasyon sa pagkapari.
· The parents must support their children in their aspiration of becoming a priest.
· Our priest should conduct periodic consultation with the community in matters of policy and church direction.
· That the parishioners should offer financial, moral and spiritual support to our seminarians.
· The parishioners must help in recruiting acolytes.
· That the priest should allow parishioners to remind them of their sworn task as a spiritual leader, they should be open to criticism and should be aware of the notion that they are above "everybody"; that parishioners should help the priest, keep away from temptation by repremanding fellow parishioners who tries to temp them.
· That the GKKs and other organizations should be encourage to promote a campaign continously for the priestly and religious vocation.
· The parishioners must support financially those children with priesthood vocation.
· That parishioners should always pray for their priest.
· That religious and priestly vocation will be encourage if our present priest should show a very good example for our youth to emulate by living the life of a real christian as Christ did.
· That priest should have a regular spiritual retreat or communion with God, the sosurce of their strength.
· That parishioners should establish prayers and financial support group for the priest and seminarians to aid in doing their task and duties in the parish.
· to have our clergy a distinctive clerical garb or at least an insignia in their non-ecclesial or sacramental activity.
· That they will exercise regularly and religiously their Holy Office to establish a personal relationship with God.
· That all parishioners should have daily assignments on prayers for our priests.
· be it resolved as it is hereby resolved based on the collated reports of the body that the following ideal qualities must be possessed:
· That our parish priest should adjust to the needs in the modern times without jeopardizing our catholic faith and the vows of poverty.
· as the body hereby resolved that in order to promote and maintain the priestly and religious vocation in our parish, the parishioners concern should give their full supports through spiritual, moral, strength and financial matters.
o that priest should joyfully embraced of the undeserved gift of their vocation.
· That local parishioners should be supportive of whatever chruch program and activities to embolden our priest to have a strong faith.
· that it is necessary that the parishioners should involved in any priestly and religious vocation to give more strength and power of any vocation existing in the parish.
o believed in the call to holiness, to union with God through
· better collaboration between priest & laity be promoted to achieve maximum contribution towards attainment of common goals.
· that Priest should interact with his people and develop good rapport with them so he would know their needs and find a better way to promote progress in the Christian community.
· 3. strengthen their communion with the church and humanity through proclamation of the gospel, faithful celebration of the sacrament and humble shepherding of the community.
· as the body is hereby resolved that the Christian community should give supports to their priest in any forms which would fit to the needs of everyone for harmonious living.
· that it is necessary for the priest to have a closer relationship with his people so that love, unity and cooperation with all its members will reign within the Christian community.
o they must commit themselves to a style of life in harmony with their vocation, develop a vibrant of life of prayer that nurture a Christ like lifestyle, marked by discipline, self –offering and simple heartedness.
· that the priest should avoid engaging any acts of immorality to maintain his moral life and be highly respected status in his church;

o they must render loving service to the poor, assume a life-style and simplicity, generosity and freedom

o commit themselves to their on-going formation and renewal to correspond to the ever-renewing grace of God.

· RESOLVED, that Priests should be more adequately trained in the managerial and behavioral sciences towards a more fruitful and effective pastoral ministry for the betterment of his work with people in team ministry.

· as it is hereby resolve prohibiting any parishioners or group of parishioners to hold a rally against the priest & or the bishop.

· that the clergy ust set good examples to the parishioners especially to the youth just to attraact vocation to the priesthood.

· calling for the review & revision of the Curriculum at the St. John Vianney Seminary making it relevant for the clergy to meet the demands of an information & technology driven society.

· Ang kaparian ug ang katawhan adunay usa ka dayalogo para masabtan ang gusto sa kaparian nga buhaton nga nabasi pod sa lagda sa simbahan.

· Ang kalihokan uyonan sa kaparian para ang maong problema masulbad aron ang kaparian ug ang katawhan maghiusa.

· Nga ang kada-usa adunay good moral support.

· That a definition of our needed priest be presented as stated above so as to attain a harmonious parish/community.

· Nga ang pari kay mao ang tinugyanan sa pag-alagad sa katawhan, kinahanglan nga maghupot siya sa kina-iya nga sayong duolon, dili daling masuko ur masinabuton sa tanang klase sa tawo.

· That we want our priest to be embued with the character of the Lord Jesus whose life and teachings be courageously proclaims everyday. To lead the people by example, not to say one thing and does another. They should strive to emulate the perceived virtue of the Lord as he came in contact with the people during his ministry.

· That they should be above-board in everything, in character and integrity as people looked up to them for leadership especially in their moral and spiritual values.

· That the priest should wear a sign to identify themselves as priest when they interact in the community.

· That priest should act, speak and talk as true representative of Christ (Alter Kristus) in the parish.

· That the parishioners should accept whoever will be the priest, not to meet your wants.

· it is hereby resolved that the priest should assist the laity to fulfill their proper role in the church thus helping to effect a coordination of all for the common good.

· continuing education for the renewed & updating is a necessity for all priests.

· ang diocese sa San Carlos magmugna ug pamalaod ug mga pamaagi nga makaikag sa mga parokyano sa pagsimba ug pakiglambigit sa mga kalihukan sa simbahan.

· ang simbahan kinahanglan nga makihiusa sa pag-ampo alang sa bokasyon, mo encourage pinaagi sa vocation promotion sa mga kabatan-onan sa pagsulod sa pagkapari pagkamadre ug pagkarelihiyoso; mosuporta sa mga spiritual ug financial nga panginahanglan niadtong interesado nga mosolod.

· the lay faithful recognise the needs of their parish priest, shoe their concern by responding wholeheartedly in providing tangible support in meeting these needs.

· that the quasi parish og tagbino shallhave one common curriculum intended for the renewed clergy in a renewing church…that the parishioners should understand & study the behaviour of the priest…the ppc would encourage the people to pray in times if they are doing immoral acts...that proper dialogue be conducted between priest & ppc for serious problems...that the ppc must encourage the laity a full support to the seminary & sharing a fund portion or percentage of the parish fund so that the seminarians may live in a quality & decent lives.

· as the body is hereby resolved that the priest should maintained its highly moral and highly respected life by not engaging any social activities which would bring bad image to himself.

· that the parishioners should give support to their priest by supporting his vocation through moral, spiritual and financial aspects.

· resolved that the priest and lay people share quality time together in the formation of BEC program planning for the whole parish and truly implement them wholeheartedly.

· RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to pass a resolution requesting the Diocese of San Carlos, through the Bishop, to allow the parishioners to assist the Diocese in the Program of Renewal of their Priests in the Parish through a regular monitoring and feedback session to be reported to the Diocese.


· the religious devotions must strengthen & sustain the faith of the people.
· resolved that the Diocese thru Commission on Liturgy should issue guidelines on devotional practices so as not to fall to superstition.
· the religious devotions must help in recruiting the faithful.
· the newly organized BEC should submit an endorsement to the parish requesting to conduct the said seminar as preparation before monthly mass is scheduled.
· the devotees must support the different activities of the parish.
· the holy mass must be given priority first instead of having novenas & praying the rosary.
· the religious devotions must neglect or avoid those superstitious beliefs & idolatry to exist in their devotions.
· that by giving orientation seminars regarding the correct & proper way of devotions strengthen our Catholic faith.
· by the education committeeto support the orientation regarding the correct & proper way of devotions deepen our catholic faith.

· it is hereby resolved that WORSHIP & EDUCATION committee shall unite to find ways for a continuing education & formation giving proper orientation on devotion.

· resolved that to shepherd these devotions, lets do the following: share with others our learnings about devotions; give time to the group & family no matter how busy at work; devotion should be the center of unity for family & GKK; follow religiously the Parish & diocesan program of action; Encourage every CAtholic to become members of certain devotion for sanctification.

· resolved that the faithful should be instructed that the devotion to the Blessed Virgin and the saints should not supersede their liturgical obligations.

· resolved to authorize the education committee and worship to conduct a seminar regarding the life of saint and its chief virtue.

Lineamenta on Education: EDUCATING THE PEOPLE OF GOD

· we ask our good bishop that the said resolutions will be fully implemented in the entire Diocese of San Carlos.
· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that the parish should have a Bible study for the youth.
· The family must be given importance in the involvement in the education apostolate in the GKK.
· to train interested & commited lay how to conduct pre-jordan & pre-cana seminars.
· Gikinahanglan ang igong pahibalo ur pagpangampanya sa pagtambong sa seminar, kung mahimo himoon ang home to home invitation, pagpadala ug mga sulat sa mga myembro.
· That the household with their children be given task and encourage them to actively participate in their GKKs.
· by the education committee to give financial support as to sustain the apostolate of the catechists.
· Ang formation sa GKK maoy usa sa basic thrust sa atong parokya mahatagan unta ug dakong pagpakabana sa tanang katoliko pinaagi sa pagpaluyo ug pagsuporta sa mga kalihokan niini.
· That the parents must lead their children in attending seminars and other religious activities.
· that to finance & encourage the faithful to participate in the on going formation & be educated in the church's social teachings.
· Ang pakighilambigit sa mga kalihokan sa Ros mahimo nga secondary nalang ug iprioritize gyud ang mga kalihokan sa GKK diin ang maong katoliko nahisakop.
· That involving christians families in the catechesic and evangelization by the ff.: initiate/encourage family groupings in doing various tasks doing any religious and any other activities sponsored by the community where they belong, welcome their group, making them feel as the part of the whole community.
· That the ff. suggestion is hereby presented in order to improve our education activity in our parsih and in the Diocese.
· That the attenance of different seminar, kasaulugan sa Pulong, tithing membership pagsponsor sa bunyag ug kasal mahimong requirement sa endorsement process.
· Nga atong lig-onon ang programa sa GKK diin kita nahasakop.
· That the Diocese must establish Diocesan Center or Institute for catechesis that would become professional catechest..
· That the group identified the common problems we encounter in our formation or evangelization program.
· Nga hanyoon nato ang kaparian sa pagsuporta nga atong mapalig-on ang programa sa GKK nga diin kita nahasakop.
· That the Diocesan Education Commission create a committee that would make or formulate comprehensive and unified curiculum for religious instruction in all public elementary and secondary schools and that would suit to its level or grades of the catechumens and this would be implemented all throughout the Diocese.
· To have a concrete support for the continuance of the Education Program from the Diocese.
· That we have to encourage parents to teach and guide their children in going to church on Sundays and holidays of obligation and teach them to pray the rosary.
· That the church should note down the ff. problems on its evangelization: a) laity as little interest in attending any religious activities due to economic and worldly problems; b) religious ignorance is prevalent in our fellow christians.
· That in order Christians to be involved in church program, the Ed.Com. Visit the GKKs and conduct the necessary cathechesm and involved himself in the formation program on each family.
· Nga kinahanglan ang matag bulan adunay bible study alang sa tibook parokya.
· That the church should give more focus to the evangelization program and give the necessary funds for that purpose.
· That the parish should provide visual aids and materials to the catechists and evangelizers for the formation and evangelization.
· That the family life will conduct seminars or basic catechism on strengthening families.
· Nga unta ang simbahan mohatag ug suporta.
· To request religious organization relatd to family life to ask assistance for follow-up.
· That the parish adopt program continously.
· resolved that we request the Diocese of San Carlos to remind the department of Education that religious instructions be done in regular class hours and not in unholy hours.
· That all the parishes in the Diocese must give priority to the Catechetical Program and appropriate funds for catechist trainings and formation teaching devices and catechist honorarium.
· That to improve the Education Program of our Parish and of our Diocese by provision of Educators who are holistic chrisitan with approaches of Christian Centered Doctrines of different situations with activity oriented methods of teachings.
· The said resolution will be fully implemented in the Parish/Diocese.
· Nga padayon ug suportahan ang pagpanudlo sa catechismo aron ang tanan tawo masayod sa basic nga pgtulon-an sa simbahang katoliko.
· That the Diocese and the parish should formulate solid program and permanent educational program as guidelines for the parish priests, lay ministers, chatechist and other Ros involved in education program.
· That the spiritual director and the Ed. Com. Chairperson should be well selected and committed to perform the task assigned.
· That there should be coherence and permanence in the guidelines and policies of the church which should be followed by the parish priests throughout the Diocese.
· That there should be more frequent Cathechism, bible study and other learning activities at the parish and GKK.
· That the parish priest shall supportd and strengthen the program for parishes alignment.
· That this resolution shall be indorsed to the Diocesan committee for further evaluation and guidelines according to their social environment.
· We must again go back to basic to indoctrinate our parish about the basic good moral values of a good christian as such: a) respect of elders(don't answer back on elders, give special priority to all elders(senior citizens) regardless of creed, race or standing in the community; and b) I am very sorry(accept that you are wrong, forgive someone who have hurt your feelings, and forget the sins of others in the past).
· That the priest incharge of the parish will visit the GKK so that they will bee the true situation and need of our brothers and sisters.
· To ask assistance to religious organization to give seminars.
· Resolved, that resolutions stated above be presented to the Bishop of San Carlos for approval. Resolution No. 25
· it is hereby resolved that the quasi parish of tagbino shall organize immediately bible apostolate to facilitate continous spiritual education of the words of God through bible study…that catechism must strictly implemented.

· resolved that the above mentioned recommendations be taken into consideration immediately.
· resolved that a church operated learning center be established in the parish for pre-school children.


· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that every parish should have education seminars, retreats and recollections every summer.
· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that the youth should be involved actively in the parish activities by giving them some responsibilities.
· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that the youth should avoid wearing immodest dress, avoid bringing cellular phone during the celebration of the sacred liturgy, and avoid talking inside the church.
· be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that in order for the young people to participate and get involve more actively in the church activities the following shall be adopted:
· it resolved as it is hereby resolved that in order for the young people to be more involved in the church mission, the youth shall be given ample opportunities in the formulation of the youth programs in all levels – starting from GKK’s to diocesan level.
· , be it resolved as it is hereby resolved based on the collated recommendations of the different groups of the synod delegates that the following be adopted:
· Motivate and encourage the youth to become members of the parish youth organization.
· RESOLVED, that it is a need for the youth to top Barangay S.K. chairman for the support in all youth programs and activities for development.
· that parish youth formation center should be organized to form and mobilize the youth in their different stages of growth
· Organize Campus Youth Ministry in all schools to be primarily initiated by the Parish Youth organization in coordination with church organizations which are related to family concerns.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, to ask the cultural development fund of the SK’s In every barangay to be utilized in carrying programs that would enhance development for the youths.
· and that a systematic and Comprehensive youth program be designed for this purpose be formulated where the family, school and church are involved.
· RESOLVED, to conform that Parish Youth Center should be realized and constructed.
· to establish, strengthen & maintain a sustainable SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in each parish under the Diocese of San Carlos.
· RESOLVE that, group of competent speakers must conduct a live-in Seminar for three days on Youth Encounter (YE), Basic Course in Youth Ministry and other Seminars.
· RESOLVED FURTHER, to ask monitory contributions from all organized chapels for the realization of the said construction.
· Nga ang laban sa simbahan mangita usab ug mga pama-agi nga ang atong kabatan-onan mahatagan ug livelihood program para kun adona na silay kita, pwede na kita nila modasig sa pag-apil sa mga relihiyosong kalihokan.
· RESOLVE that the Diocesan Youth Commission would give a favorable and immediate action on this matter.
· that the diocese of San carlos thru its commission on youth should formulate programs & activities that will strenghthen bond/ties between parents & children in the parish.
· Nga kinahanglan ipasabot nato sa kabatan-on kon unsa ka importante ang ilang pag-apil sa kalihokan sa simbahan.
· that youth must be recruited to attend Summer Youth Camp.
· that in order to contain the problem of the young adult each parish must establish a YOUTH COUNSELING CENTER.
· Nga ang organizing ug temporalities committee maghiusa pagtabang pagpabarog sa youth organization paglambigit sa apostolado sa simbahan.
· to encourage parents to let their sons/daughters participate Summer Youth camp.
· Nga ang komitiba sa edukasyon sa simbahan uban sa pagtabang sa mga GKK nga mga opisyales ilang dasigon ang kabatan-onan kabahin sa ilang importanting katungod diha sa atong simbahan.
· For the Parish to create youth ministries to cater to the young people's needs in accordance with the missions of the catholic church in propagating the faith.
· to conduct yearly youth recollection/formation seminar by parish level.
· Ang simbahan mohatag ug importansya sa kabatan-onan para sila madasig sa pagsilbi ug pag-apil sa relihiyosong kalihokan sa simbahan sama sa seminars para sa youth, katekesis ug uban pa.
· Nga ang mga batan-on gusto ug mga kalihokan nga haum ug tukma sa ilang pangidaron.
· that the youth who are already active in church activities attract others & their non active peers to join church program & lend theirtalents to activities were thety are fitted in.
· Nga ang mga ginikanan mosuporta usab sa ilang anak sa pagdasig ug paghatag ug financial support para malipay usab ang ilang anak (kabatan-onan) pag-apil sa kalihokan sa simbahan.
· In order to encourage the youth to be involved on the mission of the church, they should conduct more activities on respective areas namely bible study, prayer meetings, religious concert and the like of it.
· that the youth must grow intimately with the Lord.
· That a building center for youth with a secretariat be provided by the parish for their meetings and various activities mentioned above.
· That the church should allocate additional funds for such purpose.
· to promulgate a decree for each parish to establish & maintain a sustainable YOUTH SPORTS & CULTURAL PROGRAM.
· Nga atong nakita nga usa sa babag sa pag pakiglambigit sa mga kabatan-onan sa kalihokan sa simbahan mao ang mga ginikanan.
· In response to their parent's efforts, they contribute their own way making their parent holy for they will respond with sentiments of gratitude we love and trust.
· Nga kada GKK mo-organisar ug grupo sa mga kabatan-onan sa ilang komunidad nga mao gayud kini ang mopartisipar kon adunay relihiyosong kalihokan sa atong simbahan.
· Nga atong hatagan ug insakto nga edukasyon ang mga ginikanan unsa ka importante ang mga kabatan-on sa pagpalambo sa kalihokan sa simbahan.
· That the youth will be encouraged to join the mission of the church to give like fun and joy in the church activities.
· Nga ang edukasyon komitiba sa Parokya mo follow-up usab kon ang kada GKK naka-organisar ba gayud ug grupo sa kabatan-on. Kon maka-organisar kinahanlan nga may lista ang parokya sa ilang opisyales ug mga miembro.
· The church should reach out to the youth by involving themselves on activities w/c the youth are interested.
· That the parents should be a model to their children to give encouragement to be involved in the mission of the church.
· Nga kinahanglan hatagan sila ug dakong pagtagad, hatagan ug mga katungdanan sa mga nagkalainlaing mga aktibidades sa simbahan.
· That the commission on youth should create a Federation for all youth organization of the parish so that in every activity of the youth would be programmed and organized to encourage full and complete participation of all youth organizations.
· To bring their children closer to church.
· That our youths must be exposed to a series of seminars whose end value is to ensure a well rounded Christian formation of the youth.
· That the parish priest and the R.O. invite young people to enter the peogram of the church.
· Kinahanglan nga kitang tanan magpakita sa atong kaaktibo sa pagtabang kanila aron sila makarealize nga sila gikinahanglan sa simbahan.
· Nga nakita nga ang mga batan-on nakiglambigit gayod sa programa ug kalihokan sa atong simbahan.
· That the youth given responsibility representation the parish pastoral council that the youth improved during the church activities.
· Makakita unta ang atong Spiritual Director ug kongkrito nga programa alang sa mga kabatan-onan.
· Sport program/activities in prayers will be created to eliminate wated time and prevent our youth to destroy their religious affection to the culture of our church.
· That as Christian formation of the youth should start w/ the family. The parents should therefore be given a working knowledge of our Christian and family values and how to instill them on to their children.
· To develop our youth to have singing ministry in prayers.
· resolve as it is hereby resolved, that the parish through their parents should teach the youth the Christian moral values, worship and piety while they are still young.
· That the church should focus more intention on the formation of christian values in the respective community including the GKK's.
· To create a self reliant program for budget and resources to handle the financial side of activities.
· that Youths should be given support and attention in order to have livelihood project for them to reach their goals in life.
· That this value formation program of the church should be done continously and must include not only the youth but also the parents. That the church should reach out to the youth by participating in activities that cater to them.
· Awhagon ta ang elders o mga ginikanan nga suportahan ang ilahang mga kabatan-onan sa pagkuyug sa mga seminars sa atong parokya.
· to let PPC give necessary actions to help the youth have livelihood program to keep their mind focus on something that would build good will to every concerned.
· That the parish priest shall create the program for the youth like the sports, cathechism, spiritual program, etc.
· to call the Bishop of the Diocese of San carlos for the formulation & adoption of a unified curriculum for use in school & community catechism classes.
· That there will be a parish youth formation program to be implemented by the parish youth organization.
· That people from all walks of life shall act as the role models for our youth of today.
· That wholesome and sustainable youth programs and activities shall be adapted and promoted among our youth.
· Kinahanglan na adunay mga religious leaders ngadto sa matag GKK aron sa pagdasig nila ngadto sa Dios.
· Kinahanglan ang mga kaparian mo follow-up sa mga religious leaders or lecturer aron nga mopadayon ang maong kalihukan.
· it is hereby resolved that the Diocesan Youth Commission of the Diocese of San Carlos will initiate activities that will help develop/cultivate their hidden talents & abilities by giving SKILLS TRAINING SEMINAR & SPIRITUAL FORMATION.
· resolved that the youth be given appropriate training and formation afetr which they be given active roles, responsibility and involvement in the GKK/parish to exercise their apostolate among themselves through themselves.
· .RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to pass a Resolution requesting the Parish to organize the youths and establish church-focused programs for the involvement and development of the youths concerned towards Christian Life.